Statistician and Owner of Statistically Significant Consulting, LLC

Founded by me, Steve Creech in 2003, I have worked on literally thousands of studies. My success is a result of my education, experience, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Three Pillars Upon Which
my Consulting Services Stand:

Statistical expertise
A passion for teaching
An urge for fair pricing

These three have proven to: Earn my clients' trust; Produce a 100% success rate with thousands of clients, and build my excellent reputation.

I Stand by:

  • A Commitment to Excellence

    I am committed to helping doctoral students with the statistical aspects of their dissertation. I have a Master's degree in probability and statistics, a Bachelor's degree in probability and statistics, a Minor in Biology, and over 27 years of experience as a fulltime professional statistician.

  • A Passion for Teaching

    I am often complimented on my ability to explain things in a way that is easy to understand. This helps ensure that your statistics are not only correct, but that you will understand them so that you will feel confident defending your statistics at your defense.

  • A Fair Price

    On par with my passion for excellence and teaching statistics, the third work ethic which I stand by is fair pricing. I can provide you with a detailed description of the services I will provide, a fixed-price quote, turn-around time, and payment options.

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