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It's difficult to find a statistical consultant with an advanced degree in statistics, let alone one who works full-time for doctoral students. I have a Master's and Bachelor's degree in probability and statistics, a Minor in Biology and I work exclusively with doctoral students.


I've been a full-time professional statistician since 1993. My first 10 years of experience was in academic medical research. After that, I started my own statistical consulting business in 2003 to help doctoral students who are working on their dissertation.

Timely Work

My education and experience have made me very efficient at what I do. The typical turn-around time for the proposal phase is 7 days or less and 14 days or less for the data analysis phase.

Affordable Help

Besides my quick turn-around and ability to explain statistics in a way that is easy to understand, I strive to keep my fees as low as possible.

Experience With Many Subjects:

  • Nursing

    I've helped Ph.D. and DNP doctoral students covering a wide range of topics from patient outcomes, staff educational interventions, and nursing administration.

  • Psychology

    I've worked with psychology doctoral students on topics ranging from PTSD, coping and resiliency, and personaity styles.

  • Education

    I've worked with Ph.D. and Ed.D. doctoral students with topics ranging from blended-learning, integrated learning, leadership, and job satisfaction.

  • Business Administration

    Example topics I have worked on include leadership styles, organizational culture, anticipated turnover, and technology acceptance.

  • Public Policy

    I've worked with Ph.D. students on topics such as hospital best practices, non-profit organization challenges to remaining competitive, and prison reform.

  • Criminal Justice

    Some topics I have worked on include Law Enforcement Officer Stress, Prevention of Mass Shootings, and Law Enforcement Officer Ethics.


I am so thankful for Steve! He made the impossible suddenly seem possible. He was so patient with me and he explained things in a way that I could understand. He patiently conversed with me every time I needed clarification. I don’t think I would be Dr. Hensley today if it had not been for Steve’s help!

Dr. Andrea Hensley

Hiring Steve Creech early during my doctoral journey was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. His help analyzing the data from my study for Chapter 4 was crucial, but Steve’s guidance during the writing of my dissertation proposal was even more valuable. Looking back, I cannot imagine how difficult it would have been to write most of that proposal without his advice.

Dr. David Yates

I cannot adequately express the value of the confidence Steve Creech instilled from our very first discussion. Mr. Creech has the specific expertise required to partner with doctoral students as a resource for any part of the dissertation process. He is always responsive, and continuously made me feel as though I was his only client! I learned a great deal from Mr. Creech. I can give my highest recommendation for Steve Creech.

Gwen Mancuso, PhD, LCSW

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